At LINKS ARCHITECTS as part of our one stop shop we offer comprehensive pre-purchase feasibility studies, assistance with acquisitions and a full range of integrated project management services to complement our architecture and interior design services.

Assisting Pre-purchase
Often clients have a particular vision in mind, but need help sourcing the right piece of land or property to facilitate their end goal. We have had clients come to us with a piece of land which is unfortunately unsuitable for their requirements due to planning, site or topographical restrictions.

To avoid this, we offer clients our pre-purchase personal consultancy service. We can assist in sourcing the correct site/property, liaising with local agents, checking the site opportunities and restrictions and then prepare a feasibility report detailing the building and zoning rights and the opportunities for the site, thus facilitating the achievement of the client’s brief.

The Purchasing Process
Once the site or property has been identified, we can assist our clients in coordinating the purchase, bringing in and negotiating with the law firms we work with. One of the many important services we offer is translation of relevant documents from Hebrew to English, allowing the client to fully understand what is taking place throughout the process.

Post Purchase
Our goal is to launch, plan, execute, oversee and complete the work on each project, meeting the specified success criteria at the appropriate time. We offer a bespoke design and “turn key” service, aiming to deliver projects that exceed our clients’ expectations.
Post purchase, we guide, coordinate and assist our clients at each and every step of the process, from choosing the best professional teams, to designing and building the project, through to coordinating client stage payments to builders, project management and much more, until the final handing over of the keys.

These services are interwoven and complimentary to our architecture and interior design service. We make sure that every detail of each project is managed and dealt with professionally.
The overall success of a project can be measured by the time taken, the quality of the work and the final cost. With this focus we ensure that all our clients’ projects are managed in an efficient, timely and costed fashion.

Many clients find our project management services invaluable. We can specifically cater for the needs of overseas clients, allowing them to stay in control of their projects with frequent consultations and updates.

Client Access
Via our website we have an internet-based client log-in platform, providing real time access to the most up-to-date drawings, designs and progress reports and can also offer live web cam facilities with cameras installed on site to give clients 24-7 access to progress throughout the construction process.